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Lego DC Super-Villains

Lego DC Super-Villains

Everyone who has always wanted to try on the role of the legendary bad guy, it's not long to wait. October 16 will release the first game in the universe of LEGO City, where the basis of the gameplay will be a character editor with a huge number of settings.

So many super-villains in one place have never met. You will look to the right and you will see the Joker, there is Harley Quinn standing nearby, and the head of Lex Luthor is already poking through the door. All of them came to the announcement of a new game in the universe of LEGO, turning the series upside down. Only here you can transform your favorite character or even create your hero. And how to know - maybe he too will become an integral part of the tusovka of the most inveterate villains in the world.

LEGO Super-villains DC - is an Kizi adventure thriller, in which the Earth faces a terrible danger. It all started with the protection of the planet assigned to an alien "Combine of Justice", designed to replace the vanished Justice League. However, villains from the "Legion of Death" learn about the intentions of traitors who decided to seize the planet under the guise of her protection. Now the heroes have to expose the impostors and disrupt their cunning plans.

Lego DC Super-Villains Game

In addition, that the scoundrel swindlers and villains will act on the side of good, the new friv game will bring another surprise - the designer of the characters, the acquaintance of which will begin from the very beginning of the adventure. It has implemented a huge number of settings, including options for appearance, ability and strength. The further you go through the story, the more costumes and opportunities you will open.

LEGO Super-villains DC game will go on sale on October 16, 2018 on PCs and consoles of a new generation, the game will support the joint passage of the story campaign in the regime of a cooperative cooperative.


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