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Apple iPhone X Review

Apple iPhone X

For each manufacturer, the aligned chassis, namely the body and the arrangement of the elements in it, means the least number of problems in the new device. All the weak points have already been clarified and corrected, which means that the percentage of marriage can not be high, with time it is reduced. Apple's loyal audience is accustomed to retaining the design and the ability to decorate with iPhone壁紙 for two generations: a model with a digital designation comes out, then an improved version with a prefix S, and the design changes for the next generation. This approach worked in the time of Steve Jobs, but stopped working under Tim Cook. In fact, we can say that for four years the company has been exploiting the same design. It's boring. This is the word that many people said when they looked at the iPhone 7, because there was nothing in it that would greatly distinguish the device from previous devices. Exactly the same can be said about the iPhone 8 in comparison with the "seven", the changes are so small that enough fingers of one hand. And outwardly they are almost twin brothers, at least when you look at the front panel.

It's interesting that the market did not wait for it when Apple woke up and went far ahead, the tone was set by Samsung. In the beginning EDGE models appeared, curved screens removed the display frames, then the fashion for frameless screens became ubiquitous, and each company offered its own vision of this issue. The eighth generation of Galaxy made another spurt, the useful area of ​​the screen grew, the indentation at the top and bottom became minimal. At the time when the first leakage of the Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus design appeared, Apple decided to postpone the launch of the iPhone X from 2018 to the end of 2017. To what extent this coincidence is by chance difficult to judge, but we have the words of senior vice president of Apple Dan Riccio, said in an interview with Mashable. He claims that the launch of the iPhone X was planned in 2018, but the top management of the company decided to move the deadlines and they did not have the right to make mistakes in the design of this device. As well as there was no time for any changes. Before getting all the necessary components, the design of the device was created, it happened in November, according to Dan.

The development of the device in a short time means that when using a new chassis the company does not have time for long tests, in fact the model enters the market with all the child's sores that will begin to be eliminated as they reveal it. But Apple decided on this, because the company could not reach the sales level of 2015, which was the maximum for it. Moreover, the company's new flagships are sold from year to year worse than previous models, and sales are maintained by entering the lower price segments, today the price of a new iPhone without operator subsidies starts at $200. To maintain the company's sales, we needed a flagship for maximum money, something more expensive than the iPhone Plus, for the role of such a flagship and the model pretends to be the iPhone X. The Roman ten in the title hints at the anniversary, exactly ten years have passed since the first iPhone appeared. But most people call the iPhone X.

The cost of the iPhone X in all markets is maximum, in the US it starts at $1,000 plus taxes. No flagship on the market is sold for a comparable price; here Apple is entering the market segment for the first time, which was small and only the top models of the iPhone with the maximum memory level were present, the basic versions were never sold for that kind of money. From this we can conclude that the iPhone X has the highest image component, it is a phone for wealthy people who want to emphasize the opportunity to spend on such a smartphone more than anyone else. And from this aspect it follows the need to make the device as unlike the previous devices of the company as possible, which was possible to the full. It was not tried to make it interesting from the point of view of ergonomics or usage scenarios, the main task was to make it different from all previous generations of the iPhone, because this was what a loyal audience wanted. And that's exactly what she got.

Positioning the iPhone X can be reduced to a simple statement - it's a smartphone for those who are used to buying the iPhone without looking back at the cost and at the moment when it just goes out. With a smartphone market of 28 million units per year, you can easily calculate the percentage of sales for the iPhone X. As usual, when Apple launches the key product, Apple created an artificial excitement, queues and a sense of scarcity. But a couple of weeks after the start of sales, you can say that there is no shortage, and the gray merchants were surprised to find that there is no noticeable demand for the model, and now they are competing in who will throw more on this unit from the original price.


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